About DapyMart

DapyMart is THE go to place for dance, aerial, pole and yoga apparel and equipment. Whether you’re buying or selling, and whether your products are new or lovingly used, DapyMart is your marketplace. Our mission is to be the favorite shopping site for dancers, aerialists, pole dancers and yoga enthusiasts to buy products that support their passions and to make some extra cash from those products that aren’t being used.

DapyMart.com was created by pole instructor and competitor Arloa Reston, in response to the culmination of two events in her life: 1) her frustration of being unable to locate the costume she wanted because it was no longer made; and 2) moving to a new state and packing up way too many costumes, dance shoes. equipment pieces and pole wear items that were too nice to trash but that were not being used.  The search for her costume on other marketplace sites was fruitless as the sites were too filled with extraneous items unrelated to dance and pole. Out of this frustration, DapyMart was born.

DapyMart is currently only available in the United States, but the plan is to roll it out internationally as soon as feasible.